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Freelance B2B tech copywriter

Mark Brewer, B2B tech copywriter, Chicago

Mark Brewer

If you solve an expensive problem for your customers and prospects, you wield enormous power. So, how powerful is your marketing copy?

Working with content directors, marketing directors and agency creative directors, I help tech companies make strong connections with readers and motivate them to action.

As a freelance B2B marketing copywriter and content writer, I can help you hook B2B tech readers with storytelling angles that touch their pain points while conversationally explaining how your solution eases their pain to get them emotionally charged about your solution.

Tech background — agency level writing

With a background as a customer engineer for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and exposure to countless corporate computing environments, I explain the business benefits of technology to top decision makers and guide them to take action. With a clear understanding of your technology, I can make a clear case for your solution with agency flair.

And I’ve worked with global brands and companies such as Google Cloud, Dell, Motorola Solutions, Arrow Electronics, Zebra Technologies, Shure, Citrix, General Motors, Ford, Kraft, U.S. Foods, McDonald’s Corporation, Quaker and others.

White papers, case studies and more

With more than 20 years’ experience, I have seasoned skills in:

  • Writing long- and short-form content
  • Planning and writing white papers, case studies and other complex content
  • Interviewing subject matter experts
  • Writing engaging copy that pulls readers through to your call to action

Tech focus

Areas of focus include cloud and infrastructure transformation, data analytics and integration, retail and warehouse mobility, managed IT services, cybersecurity, AI/ML/NLP, IoT, smart cities and buildings and many others.

I’ve worked in many industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, high tech, consumer and B2B electronics, tech consulting, food and foodservice, nonprofit, higher education and professional associations.

Let’s talk!

If you’re ready to take your tech marketing and messaging game up a notch or two, contact me now at or (815) 565-7272 to talk about how to make your message memorable and have fun doing it. Or, download my free resource, “3 Ways to Hook B2B Tech Readers,” which goes into more detail on how emotion works in B2B marketing copy and content.