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Mark Brewer, B2B tech copywriter

Mark Brewer, writerEffective content marketing has many moving parts, one of which is persuasive writing. Whether you’re attracting quality leads, building brand awareness, carving out or redefining a market niche, or engaging in other business-building activities, inspiring your prospects to action is crucial.

Mark Brewer is an award-winning, deadline-driven writer with 30 years’ experience inspiring and motivating a response from readers. Naturally curious, Mark is an experienced interviewer and tireless researcher who digs deep for facts, insights and a broad, thoughtful perspective that readers crave. Mark is an expert at focusing the message and audience for maximum results.

White papers

As a white paper writer, Mark helps marketers generate qualified leads for their innovative technologies and services. As a trade and association magazine feature writer, Mark examines topics from a broad perspective to empower readers to a higher level of success. As a storyteller, Mark forges emotional connections with readers that build brand awareness and loyalty, and converts readers to the next step of the engagement or sales process.

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My Passion is Your Results: Why I’m a freelance writer

As an employee, my greatest gift and talent (writing) was secondary to other duties. Freelancing allows me to do what I love to do every day. As a dedicated marketing communications professional, I can focus on giving the best of myself and my professional experience to editors, marketers, fund-raisers and others with a thirst for customer, member, donor and reader success.

As a technical expert for Electronic Data Systems (EDS), I found that writing short tutorials on common solutions to be an effective time saver for me, my colleagues and our clients. So much so, I practically wrote myself out of a job! I got amazing feedback from our system engineers and clients praising me for my clarity. When other EDS analysts and engineers copied my format and style, I knew I was on to something.

After several years as a freelance technical writer and instructional designer for companies like Motorola, McDonalds, Upjohn (now Pfizer), Helene Curtis and Abbott Laboratories, I switched gears to write marketing copy for large nonprofits because they have great stories to share that emotionally illustrate the impact of their missions. I put my passion into practice around 1993 as a writer for the 5 million-member Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, writing success stories about their local, regional, national and international programs.

The Secret Ingredient: People and success focus vs. fact focus

Let’s face it. Most writing is dull. That’s because people are wired for stories, not facts. If your magazine, newsletter or other marketing is all about how great your organization is, you’re putting your reader to sleep. Facts on their own don’t motivate readers. Facts need a story context.

Focus on the needs, problems, struggles and frustrations of your reader. Illustrate the greatness of your organization, product or service through a powerful success story. Tell a story about how a real person benefited from your product or service. Through the story, make an emotional connection between the reader’s problem and your solution. Through the power of story, you can make a real connection and start a meaningful relationship on a mass scale.

The crux of the secret is in telling the right story, through the right person, the right way. Good storytelling brings the reader through a success experience. It is through the experience that readers remember you and your value.

Other experience

There’s more! Along with writing, I have more than 20 years experience as a marketing communications creative director and project manager, working with graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, writers, editors, copyeditors and others to create excellent professional results, on time and on budget.

Email or call me today to talk about how I can help you make a meaningful and lasting connection with your audience.

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Types of Writing

  • White papers and discussion papers
  • Feature articles
  • Case studies and customer success stores
  • Long and short-form blogs
  • E-books
  • Social media