What people are saying about Mark Brewer

Leslie Brady, Pomerantz Marketing

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have a copywriting partner that is mindful of deadlines and always follows through. I appreciate what a talented writer you are as well. It makes this part of my job so much easier than it has been in the past with other writers.”

David Orr, President, Orr & Associates

“Mark has the invaluable talent to combine technical understanding with marketing savvy and excellent design and writing skills.”

Dharmesh Sheta, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud Platform

“We wouldn’t have been able to describe [our enterprise cloud offering] in such a smooth way if we were asked to prepare such a brief ourselves.”

Bob Sitze, Director, World Hunger Education, Division for Church in Society, ELCA

“Mark is a sharp and insistent presence on a creative team, bringing the wisdom of someone who always keeps the end user in mind.”

Phil Zedalis, CTO, Blueberry Pediatrics

“Mark makes no excuses about being an artist first and it comes through in the vibrance of his thoughts and ideas.”

David Fautsch, personal profile subject for Loras Magazine

“I’ve had lots of compliments on the article that you wrote, including several people who noted how well written it was. Good work.”

Sharon Koplinski, Director, Little Blessings Preschool, Naperville, Ill.

“I was speechless when I saw the cover of “Making Christ Known 2002.” It is truly a powerful photo and a beautiful [article]. What an excellent job of communicating through words and pictures throughout the entire publication. The church is blessed to have your gifts to tell their story.”

[Note: Mark hired the photographer who accompanied him on the interview for this cover story. Mark also sourced and edited the copy for the entire publication for eight years.]