Get more leads with your white paper.

4 MORE Ways to Supercharge Your White Paper for Lead Generation

White papers are a win-win for marketers eager to establish authority, build brand awareness and generate qualified leads, and for buyers and influencers who need credible information to help them make crucial buying decisions. 

Especially in this age of business modernization, white papers are becoming more important than ever in positioning your company or solution as the go-to provider of your product or service. 

Readers have certain expectations when it comes to what they want in a white paper. In my last blog post, I covered the four top things to get right with your next white paper: 

  1. Strive for clarity in the text 
  2. Pay attention to length
  3. Open with a summary, close with a conclusion
  4. End with a call to action

The next four tips are more about making your white paper shine and attracting attention to it. 

1. Don’t mention competitors

As an unbiased article, it’s best to avoid directly comparing your company or product with the competition. This will erode your credibility. You can, however, draw comparisons without mentioning the competition.

2. Avoid boring layouts

Don’t take the term “white paper” literally! Like all marketing touch points, the paper should be designed by a professional graphic designer. Design it to accommodate detail-oriented readers and skimmers. Break up the text with multiple points of entry like subheads, sidebars and lists. Include at least on chart or other graphic to illustrate the main point.

3. Have a marketing plan for your white paper

Your white paper is a big deal, so don’t hide it. Create a marketing plan. Promote it on LinkedIn and Twitter. Mail it to key contacts, including the press. Write a press release and put it on a distribution service such as Use syndication services. Promote it in your newsletters. Drive interest with email and direct mail campaigns. Produce a short summary video with a call to action to download the paper. Print paper copies for your sales team and trade shows. Get creative.

4. Use the right writer

White papers are one of the most — perhaps the most — challenging marketing documents you can publish, both in developing the text and organizing the project. Is your writer up to the task? Here are some characteristics of a good white paper writer:

  • Experienced communicator who enjoys writing persuasive text with facts and logic
  • Experience in copywriting and journalism
  • A clear understanding of how white paper writing is different than copywriting and journalism
  • Knows how to research, interview experts and write conversational text about complex topics
  • Knows the difference between explaining and selling
  • Understands and uses a time-proven process to plan and complete a white paper project
  • Elegantly handles reviews and comments

White papers are about leadership

White papers take more time, effort and budget than most other content. Following these simple tips will help you get more value out of each white paper you publish. Not only does your solution need to compete for attention, your white papers must rise above your competition to be effective. Use your white paper to get out in front and lead.

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