Angling for Tech Content Readers

Tech marketers live in a world of products and features. And that’s ok. But to attract and nurture quality leads with your white paper, case study, blog post or other tech content, you need to get your head in a different place, and that place is the reader’s head. 

One of the two things that drive white paper readers nuts is lack of focus on a specific solution. What that means is that many white papers get downloaded, but also discarded. The problem with promoting a product is that everyone has a product. And it’s hard to stand out when you’re following the crowd. 

Success Is in the Angle

In writing tech content, success isn’t in the information but the angle. A strong angle attracts readers, especially if you can position your company as the go-to provider of your solution. And you do that by focusing on the unique, game-changing nature of your innovation or new idea and tying it to a tangible business benefit in a way competitors can’t replicate. 

Other companies have products similar to yours, but they don’t have your unique approach. By focusing your white paper or other tech content on the unique approach and how it solves a common problem, you’ve positioned your brand as the go-to provider of a sought-after solution. And that’s where to find the story angle

Forge a Bond to Your Brand

Focus your tech content on how your innovation solves a vexing problem and improves the business. The reader craves a solution and is motivated by business benefits. By giving readers what they crave, you bond them to your brand. You can’t get your readers into an emotional experience like that from a product and features description. For an overview of my process to develop a white paper topic and title that positions your brand as the go-to provider, read this.

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